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Orla Kiely Logo
Gifting Home Fragrance Washbags

Founded in 1995, to express visually Orla’s love of pattern, colour, texture and rhythm.


Renowned for her instinctive and creative use of colour, retro-inspired patterns and playful approach to design, Orla Kiely has over the last decade not only created a brand but also a distinctive and accessible world encompassing womenswear, accessories, travel and homeware.

KMI has partnered with Orla Kiely since 2010 bringing her brand to life in the world of Fragrance, Home Fragrance and Washbags.


Currently there are two categories in the Orla Kiely range…

Buying Xanax Online Legally, Xanax Powder Online

Inspired by her love of nature and famous fashion prints, Orla created a stunning range of home fragrance products, with four fragrances each adorned with strong statement prints, all of which can be seen in her fashion and handbag collection.

Each fragrance is developed by an expert fragrance ‘nose’ in conjunction with Orla herself and contains essential oils that were meticulously chosen to reflect different moods and emotions relevant to the home.


In line with her spring/summer fashion collection, Orla’s wash bag collection is refreshed with a brand new print once a year.

Every print is inspired by iconic Orla designs used throughout her fashion, bedding and accessories. Each collection is beautifully made, using leather zips and 100% cotton canvas with careful attention to detail.


Orla Kiely History 2010
Orla Kiely Signature fragrance launches in Harrods, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis, Debenhams and independent perfumeries.

Orla Kiely History 2011
Orla Kiely expands into Home Fragrances launching exclusively in Harrods and John Lewis.

Orla Kiely History 2011
KMI showcase the brand at Harrogate Home and Gift Show establishing the independent business.

Orla Kiely History 2012
Orla Kiely launches Rosie the limited edition fragrance.

Orla Kiely History 2013
Orla Kiely wash bag collection launches with two prints.

Orla Kiely History 2014
Orla Kiely Home fragrance launches into Nordstrom in the US.

Orla Kiely History 2015
Orla Kiely Home fragrance undergoes a packaging refresh in line with the fashion and launches four new scents.

Orla Kiely History 2016
Candles and wash bags launch on QVC with a dedicated Orla Kiely show.

Orla Kiely History 2017
Orla introduces new formats to her seasonal wash bag collection including a Train Case and Make Up Brush Case. Expands retail distribution into garden centres via Wyevale.


Orla Kiely Retailers
Orla Kiely Retailers
Orla Kiely Retailers
Orla Kiely Retailers