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The Journey to Wellness For People and Planet


Plantopia provides holistic wellbeing rituals to support the management and impact of stress for mind, body and skin, grounded in the use of adaptogens and essential oils while driving positive change for people and planet health.

Through four self-care rituals, Plantopia can support with getting a goodnights sleep, relaxing a busy mind, boosting focus or increasing energy.

From food supplements, to face mists to body, bath and skincare products, each multipurpose product has been carefully formulated and fuelled by the science of adaptogens and the aromatherapeutic plant power of essential oils.

Curated to encourage change in everyday habits through self-touch as a form of self-care, accompanied by breathing and massage techniques for a sense of holistic wellness.

Each range can be used as a whole or by creating a tailored ritual with different products from each range to suite your personal stress symptoms.

Leaping Bunny approved, vegan friendly and a member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT), Plantopia is committed to sourcing ingredients from nature with respect for people and biodiversity.

From start to finish each product has been created with a whole lot of love and care with both people and planet in mind.

Detox and Purify

Relax and Calm

Rest and Sleep

Energise and Uplift

The Plantopia Manifesto – Five Force Focus

Plantopia champions change for people and planet by driving and empowering others through deeply considered choices. As a result, the brand’s mission is to encourage and improve world wellness, from small steps to significant strides, ensuring total transparency every step of the way.

Plantopia will lead a movement that identifies symbiotic relationships as a route to wellness, empowering connection as the key to living well for people and planet underpinned by Plantopia’s Five-Force-Focus.

Purpose: to inform, inspire, lead and activate, both our decision-making and goal setting so that as a community, we achieve significant positive change. Most importantly, we aim to contribute at a global level, to the necessary changes required for people and planet, whilst inspiring others to do the same.​

Goal: to act as a roadmap for our brand, our customers and our stakeholders, outlining our common, long-term agenda and holding us accountable for change. Our strategy will be reviewed annually alongside our strategic network from customers to suppliers all along the value-chain, ensuring on-going commitment and a growing contribution.

Approach: We don’t have all the answers and simply cannot achieve these important goals alone. Our commitment is to collaborate, working together as one community, to reach our people and planet positive destination; from small steps to significant strides, ensuring total transparency every step of the way.​​

We depend on our culture of kindness, as well as our approach to progression not perfection on our single-minded, crucial journey towards empowering continuous wellness improvement for people and planet.​

Plantopia Five Force Focus Logo

We have identified and committed to five critical focus areas, that correspond to the people and planet wellness challenges which impact our world today. These five pillars of force sit at the heart of our brand, and are inherent to our ethos and DNA, whilst helping us fulfill our vision to generate and promote positive impact for people and planet.

Plantopia Five Force Focus People Logo

Enable and empower every person touched by our products, practices, expertise and advice, through the whole value chain from harvesting and sourcing to our customers.

Plantopia Five Force Focus Ecosystems Logo

Preserve and regenerate this highly valuable but hugely complex network and interconnected sourcing system, with a dedicated commitment to conservation and regeneration.

Plantopia Five Force Focus Planet Logo

Reduce and remediate devastating and ongoing harm with our planet positive commitment, being accountable for the 4Rs of waste management – Remove, Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.

Plantopia Five Force Focus Social Logo

Fair and equal responsibility to everyone in our value chain, to ensure we not only minimise harm, but also create a positive benefit for the lives that we touch through our business.

Plantopia Five Force Focus Community Logo

Partnership and empowerment are our commitments to drive a positive impact through evoking connection and support to everyone that the brand touches.