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KMI Brands is proud to mark 25 years of Ted Baker fragrances with the anniversary of its first fragrance, Skinwear. This iconic fragrance, created by KMI Brands in collaboration with the renowned British fashion designer Ted Baker, revolutionised the fragrance industry in the 90s.

Embracing a unique perspective and irreverence, Skinwear introduced a fresh citrus cologne-inspired scent, initially crafted for men but embraced and adored by women, then and now. The packaging, inspired by Ted Baker shirt designs, came in five different colours, offering a tactile experience and featured stitching reminiscent of tailoring.

Over the years, the Ted Baker Beauty collection has evolved to include a wide range of products, including fragrances, body care, cosmetics, grooming essentials, and gifting items. Today, the collection is distributed globally, solidifying its position as one of the leading British designer beauty brands in the UK.

To commemorate this significant milestone, KMI Brands hosted a celebratory event on November 1, 2023, at members club Home House in Marylebone. The event served as an opportunity to express gratitude to all those who have played a vital role in shaping the business over the past 25 years.

Esteemed guests included representatives from Ted Baker, Authentic Brands Group, retail partners, fragrance houses, designers, press and influencers, industry leaders, manufacturers, and Ted Baker license partners.

The theme of the evening centred around innovation, highlighting the rich archive of fragrance and beauty collections that have delighted customers for years through their exquisite fragrances, meticulous formulations, and innovative packaging.

Herbie Dayal, Chairman, and Founder of KMI Brands, expressed his gratitude during the celebration:

“Whilst KMI Brands takes this opportunity to celebrate 25 years of Ted Baker Skinwear, we want to recognise all those who have been invaluable to us during this journey of creating a global beauty business for Ted Baker. As Ted Baker’s longest serving license partnership, this milestone forms part of our continuing story with Ted, ABG and all our partners.”


The event also showcased the newest joyful addition to the women’s fragrance collection – Elodie, exclusively available at Ted Baker stores. Crafted by British Creative Director and Perfumer Angela Stavrevska from CLP Aromas,

Elodie is a blend of responsibly-sourced natural extracts and supreme synthetics that are far more sustainable than their natural counterparts. The fragrance features a unique heart note of AromaSpace Magnolia, capturing the rich textures and tones of real Magnolia Grandiflora flowers found in formal gardens in the UK.

These aroma chemicals, released by the flowers, are captured sustainably and non-destructively using Headspace technology.

Under the skilled hands of perfumers at CPL Aromas, the captured essence is carefully enhanced into a truly distinctive, beautiful, and nature-true scent that only human sensitivity, creativity, artistry, and craftsmanship can deliver.

Alice Du Parcq, fragrance expert and writer describes Elodie:

“It smells really cool and gentle, but it’s got great longevity in it. On the skin, it has this real mouth-watering yumminess to it. The whole composition is beautiful. If you’re looking for a floral fragrance that’s not overly garden fresh, that’s not too creamy or powdery, that’s cooler, almost like a Monet water-colour, that’s how I imagine this fragrance – as a piece of art, it’s translucent, and it’s soft and it’s gentle, and it’s calm. It’s such a lovely edition to the collection that offers something new to the Ted Baker fragrances, it gives a new character to the family.”


Thank you to all our collaborators from the last 25 years. Here’s to our continuing story…

With special thanks to the incredible team behind the celebrations, our fellow license partners Mondittica Group and Simon Harrison for their generosity with guest goody bags, and Home House for hosting a wonderful evening.