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In April 2023, KMI Brands proudly joined the ranks of 1,900+ B Corp Certified businesses in the UK to transform the global economy for the benefit of people, communities, and planet.

Becoming a B Corp means we’re part of a movement of people using business as a force for good. We’ve been verified to meet high standards of performance, transparency, and accountability across key social and environmental pillars – achieving a score of 80.2 points on the B Impact assessment.

Our dedication to using business as a force for good started long before becoming a Certified B Corp. For over 30 years, KMI Brands’ mission has always been to create unique beauty brands with purpose, enhancing the lives of our global communities and protecting the planet every step of the way.

We educate, engage, and empower our team to champion the values of B Corp in everything they do. So, to celebrate B Corp month, we asked our team to tell us what B Corp means to them.

Celebrations throughout March included a B Corp-themed afternoon tea, fuelled by a selection of delicious drinks, and treats from fellow B Corp brands. Brainstorming new and innovative ideas to reduce our carbon footprint across the business, and our new carbon pledges board is now pride of place – a dedicated space to inspire and motivate each other to make small personal changes with huge collective impact!

“At KMI Brands, we’re always moving forward,” says Rachel Parsonage, CEO, KMI Brands. “Being a B Corp is not just a certification; it’s a commitment to a continuous journey of positive impact, where we strive to redefine the norms in the beauty industry.”

B Corp Month serves as a testament to the collective efforts of B Corps worldwide, working towards a future where businesses prioritise people, profit, and the planet equally.

“Our direction is clear – forward. Forward to better, bolder, and brighter things,” emphasises Parsonage. “Every step we take is guided by the principles of being a B Corp – a commitment to continuous improvement and positive change.”

Learn more about how B Corp standards are evolving by visiting B Corp Month. Join the conversation using #BCorpMonth.