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First Mile is a leading business waste recycling service, specialising in providing recycling solutions that enable brands to have a positive impact on the planet.

You can read more about them here.

KMI Brands are teaming up with First Mile to offer innovative recycling solutions for our brands Plantopia and Noughty.

As part of KMI’s promise to the circularity and regeneration as laid out in our Live Life Beautifully Commitment, we have a target to achieve 100% recyclability with both Noughty and Plantopia’s packaging. Both brands currently have over 79% product recyclability, and our partnership with First Mile will enable us to recycle small components of the packaging which cannot be recycled at curb-side. When considering our packaging choices, we look to adopt better measures, controls and consideration to the materials we use. The pumps we use in our packaging are not curb-side recyclable, due to their mixed material composition. This is an industry-wide challenge and currently, the alternative options available do not meet our packaging standards or provide the best possible experience for our customer.

We are committed to reducing and remediating environmental harm towards our planet and hold ourselves accountable for the 4Rs of waste management: reduce, reuse, recycle and remove. We can achieve our sustainability goals by tracking impact, creating a circular economy, and working towards our goals of carbon neutrality by 2030 and 100% recyclability of all packaging by 2025.

From June, customers of both Noughty and Plantopia will be able to send their used bottle pumps back to First Mile for free rather than sending them to landfill through their general at-home waste. From here, pumps will be recycled or turned into recycled energy with First Mile.

The plastic in our pumps will be recycled by First Mile to generate energy used to power homes and businesses, while the metal will be recycled separately through metal recycling routes, keeping both components out of landfill.

Thank you for supporting our planet with this new initiative.