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Lessons in Happy Customers

By 24th August 2017May 23rd, 2018News

Having just spent five days on the road in the USA with our customers at Nordstrom and Ulta stores, I’ve seen first-hand the ways in which we can learn from these two great retailers.

Retail today has to be a memorable experience. In an ever increasingly digital era where we are all so connected, the in-store shopping experience must stand out.

Whether you walk into an Ulta or a Nordstrom, the experience leaves you feeling great. This emotional connection, which stays with you long after you leave the store, is priceless.

So what do they do well?

Say hello. No matter which location or even which door you walk in, the teams say hello with a genuine smile and a greeting as if to say ‘we appreciate you coming here today.’

Sell with knowledge & passion. Move over pushy sales tactics, these store consultants know their stuff and it shows; they are passionate in their area of beauty and fragrance.

Create spotless displays. Clean, tidy, dust free shelves with helpful signage and call outs with benefits or offers make it a pleasure to peruse the aisles. The great store lighting and shelf heights ensure customers don’t feel boxed in.

Maintain consistency. The consistency of each and every store is apparent from the moment you walk in. Shelf presentations, layouts of fixtures, branding and consultants’ knowledge are all aligned.

A white paper by Lithium “Create your brand’s path to happy customers” states:

“The total experience a customer has with a brand is now quickly becoming the greatest influencer on their behaviour. 55% of adults admit they place more value on a positive experience with a brand than on the product purchased”.

I am incredibly proud that these two retailers carry brands under the KMI banner. Ted Baker Tonics launched in Men’s Fragrance within Nordstrom and Noughty Haircare has launched in Ulta stores. The brands are clearly in great company and in safe hands being sold by teams who have the same passion as we do making them.

Rachel Parsonage, Managing Director, KMI Brands.