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Ted’s New Sweethearts

By 26th February 2016May 23rd, 2018News

Meet Ted’s new sweethearts Olivia & Grace.

With their sophisticated style and sparkling charm, it’s time to meet new girls Grace and Olivia, the latest additions to Ted’s Sweet Treats fragrance collection.

Grace and Olivia join Lyla, Mia and Polly to make up Ted’s stunning new five-piece fragrance collection. The beautifully packaged 10ml fragrance bottles make them the ultimate travel accessory and clutch bag essential.

Amazing Grace
With her disarming smile, beneath her surface of sophistication lies an easy charm. Her warmth touches everyone she meets, yet Grace will always keep you on your toes. Grace embodies her namesake with her floriental aroma. With a warm heart of rose, jasmine and muguet, finished with musky vanilla, Grace leaves a lasting sweet note.

Own It Like Olivia
Olivia reinvigorates with her floral-zesty aroma of sparkling grapefruit and blood orange. She reveals a delicate, feminine heart of jasmine and iris, finishing with an elegant blend of vetiver, powdery musk and cedarwood. With her refreshing attitude and carefree intensity, Olivia never fails to surprise. Embodying that special something, she’s the girl who makes her presence felt wherever she goes.